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Then and in a very gradual arrived early in the decade, a new generation of designers who added a touch more fresh and fun to the English capital. Issa, Luella, Marios Schwab, Christopher Kane, Gareth Pugh before he fled to Paris, and many other firms Erdem London injected a youth that no other city has.


And, well, that vitality has resulted in Collections: increasingly creative, bold and colorful, and have fascinated critics, who has returned to town cramming. For example, Anna Wintour, who was not in London for five years, he returned in the fall of 2008. And if I keep giving examples of how fascinating it can be the London fashion week I will get to the point I want to discuss and you will begin to get bored. Then leave this issue alone.


It is no secret that my favorite signature London is Luella. Ella (Luella Bartley) is not the most experienced designer and cutting edge of the world and does not care. And I like that because you do not want to mislead anyone and makes beautiful clothes and youthful. And also has the virtue of having a wonderful sense of humor.

His clothes are modern but not snobbish. It’s like for a teen or in their twenties who feels a weakness for pastel colors and things for girls but dislikes kitsch abuse. Someone who dresses well to go to school and do not want to be seen as the villain in a teen movie. That this Luella for me.


I love the spring collection. Although not perfect, and some prints do not work as they should, I think a good sign of freshness and talent that make reference to a silhouette and fits your style, changing materials, lengths and colors.

Let me christen this collection as “What would have happened if Cristobal Balenciaga had designed clothes for dolls?”. The clothes are like children’s versions of the garments that Balenciaga created in the late fifties and early sixties cliché but forgets to represent the time and with much humor fits that style. What would rich and elegant ladies seeing Balenciaga parodied in this way?


And I must say that Luella is fresh because the designer is drenched in a youth culture and above all, rock: ugly women usually presented to celebrities such as Peaches Geldof, is friend or acquaintance of bands like Franz Ferdinand and Pulp and played music in their shows with Joy Division, Blur and other classics of English music. And Kate loves her.

Personally I loved it, and I must admit that for me the work of Cristóbal Balenciaga is almost sacred. But if someone with enough talent homage or parody, I find wonderful. This collection may not have been the best in London, but I think that is the most interesting and fresh. What do you think?


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