5 looks the parade of Ermenegildo Zegna (commentary)

A couple of weeks ago was the parade Zegna fall collection and, like last season, I was invited to observe first-hand garments. For me was to increase my wishlist with dozens of garments and accessories for which he was hallucinating but that day I was fortunate to be with a true connoisseur. You have read, the best are known as fans of her in secret. I mean Eli Estela Gonzalez.

Well, because Eli’s biggest obsession is the menswear and, if all goes well, someday will have a line jump clich├ęs experimental or boring clothes. The point is that throughout the show discussed the things we liked and decided to reduce everything to 5 looks. All the photos you see here are from my friend Charline Chavez, who has already helped me with wonderful images in Dior and H & M.

2012-09-25 21.50.42

I do not know if I like the idea of the pictures. Why always return in the fall?

Eli: Are trends. We had talked about that in recessionary times, always looking to stay with the trends that unless you serve and force them to change.

Me: Yes, but what about the baroque?

Eli: Too minimalism depresses them

2012-09-25 21.50.46

Me: Esteria great that we had a talk show to discuss all that live

Eli: Hahaha, yes.I love pa

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