How to start an introduction when an essay on poetry is written

Writing any type of essay can be intimidating for students but writing about literature, especially poetry, can be terrifying. Not only do students have to deal with their concerns about essay writing, but have to contend with his fears to read and interpret poetry. Still, writing about poetry does not have to be a bewildering experience. With a little planning and a good start for the introduction, you can make your essay start moving in the right direction.



It begins by introducing a broad statement defining your discussion of poetry to a larger context. This context can be historical or literary. For example, you can begin by saying, “In the long history of writing, poetry has had a special significance for human expression.” This sets the overall importance of poetry and helps you move towards your specific point.

Continued narrowing the specific type of poetry or theme of the poet or poem you think about carrying out your essay. If the test is about love poetry, then you could continue the previous example with “Of the many types of poetry, romantic poetry specifically allows the reader a glimpse into the deepest human emotions.”

Narrow the topic further mentioning poets or specific periods of literature you’ll be discussing. The idea is to move the introduction of a general idea more specific. For example: “Two poets particularly concerned about the various elements of love are Sheakespeare and Sir Philip Sidney.”

Conclude your introduction with a specific thesis statement that expresses what the theme of your work and its importance: “Both Sydney Sheakespeare as illustrated in his poetry the need for ideal love and the problems that causes crude desire for that love “.

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